RaiBlocks is set to receive a massive design overhaul.

What makes Raiblocks unique is its seemingly simple block-lattice technology at the core of its design. Simplicity is the cornerstone of this project. It is through its block-lattice design that Raiblocks can offer completely free and instantaneous transactions.RaiBlocks iPhone iOS android app

However, an issue Raiblocks faces as a currency is that its name is rather confusing. Raiblocks is sometimes mistyped Railblocks, while the XRB exchange code isn’t clearly linked to the name, and often mistaken with others. 

Raiblocks is about to receive a massive overhaul, one which may see this cryptocurrency rise to the top 10 (currently at around #20). One of the first steps being taken to move Raiblocks towards global recognition will be to simplify the currencies identifiers From Raiblocks (XRB) to Rai (RAI). 

‘RaiBlocks’ → ‘Rai’

raiblocks update


In order for Rai to be considered a legitimate currency, it needs a simple shorthand communication symbol. It took 6 years for the Unicode Consortium to add the Bitcoin mark to its code. Meanwhile, a part of its community has been using ‘Ƀ’ instead. People can now communicate the new symbol online, provided that the font used supports it. 
Rai will avoid this hassle by adopting an existing sign.
The “R” with a stroke upper/lower case pair is used for a few reasons: 
· it is available 
· it is distinct 
· an (ɍ) can represent a fraction of an (Ɍ). 
The visual identity of the team will be based on these symbols to make the bond as clear as possible.
RaiBlocks Block-Lattice Blockchain
A new visualisation of how the RaiBlocks block-lattice structure works: “Every transfer of funds requires a send block (S) as well as a receiving block (R). Each of these are signed by their accounts chain owner (A,B,C)”. See RaiBlocks.net for more info


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