The recent decline in ETH and ETC prices amongst other cryptocurrencies has many worried. To this investor, selling at current prices seems ludicrous. I continue to buy into the dip with as much of my income as I can afford to lose. Recently, my sights are on the dark horse Ethereum Classic (ETC).

This is because ETC is planning its “Emerald” update which is likely to unfold before the planned arrival of Ethereum’s “Casper” update. The update will enable use of the platform’s smart contracts and will likely allow it to be used for ICO’s. The ETC platform will be an attractive option for ICO’s due to its more decentralised nature, low price and is not suffering the network problems that are affecting affecting the Ethereum network. If this isn’t enough to convince you, the developers slack channel contains much discussion around the planning of ICO’s on the platform. With one dev discussing the possibility of a transaction based startup like “Monaco Card” Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 6.47.06 am.png

The release of the ETC developers SDK is another strong sign that development is to occur on the network that could see prices rise sharply.

Currently ETC and ETH appear to move in tandem. I believe that soon we will see this trend end, and the two will become antagonists to each other and be more negatively correlated (while having a general upwards trend). I strongly believe that within 6 months 1 ETC will be worth half of what 1 ETH is at the very least. I struggle to see any reason why this would not be the case.