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ETC Price Recovery – Sparked by: Ethereum Classic ICO, Emerald Wallet and BTC38 Listing

Breaking: Ethereum Classic News

Ethereum classic has made a stunning recovery amid talks of Ethereum Classic ICO’s, the anticipated release of the ETC emerald update and news that one of China’s biggest crypto exchanges will add ETC trading come the 13th of July.


ETC ico and BTC38 Price Recovery
ETC ico BTC38 Exchange Listing Cause Price Spike

What is The Ethereum Classic Commonwealth ICO?

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) ICO is essentially crowd funding for a project launched by a longtime ETC volunteer developer, who does not entirely agree with ETC’s current direction. In an attempt to realise his aspirations for ETC the Commonwealth ICO will crowd fund for the project and will see “Dex” tokens distributed.

This is extremely exciting, as it is the first ICO of its kind on Ethereum Classic. The ICO will distribute standard ERC233, available only during the ICO. DEX tokens issued in the ICO will be used for voting and development proposals after a system for voting has been established. The timeline given for this is within first quarter of 2018.

Ethereum Classic BTC38

Ethereum Classic BTC38 Launch:

ETC has seen a somewhat instantaneous price recovery, mainly attributable to the news of its launch on China’s BTC38 exchange. A web page with information about ETC on BTC38 has been added on the exchange’s website.