Is The Boosteroid ICO A Scam?

Our Rating: Extremely Poor – Do Not Buy Into This ICO.

In the crazy world of ICO’s sometimes even bad projects make people money. Boosteroid however, is quite simply ridiculous. Even if all of Boosteroid’s tokens were sold at the discounted “Stage 1” price ($0.48), the market capitalisation would still be $480m.

For more info, check out my full ICO valuation spreadsheet.

This is greater than that of USDT (Tether), Waves, EOS, Steem and others. You guys are 100% wasting your time on that bounty. There’s no guarantee it will even get listed on an exchange.

I will happily eat my words if I wrong. If I am wrong, I am still when I say you have about as much chance of making money on this as Stevie Wonder does winning a game of hide and seek. The odds are not in your favour, Stevie. 

The Boosteroid Whitepaper is by far one of the worst and most concerning I have ever personally read. 

“Even if all of Boosteroid’s tokens sold cheap at “Stage 1″ price tier, the market capitalisation would be $480m – more than that of USDT (Tether), Waves, EOS, Steem and others.”

ICO Hype and Marketing Effectiveness:

Boosteroids Post ICO Plan:

  1. Go up against:
    • Amazon AWS
    • Google Compute Platform
    • Microsoft Azure
    • IBM
    • Every other hosting platform
    • Every other blockchain cloud computing platform
      (This has been done before by Golem)
  2. Compete with all of them…


Reasons Why This May Be a Scam:

Regardless of whether anyone does or doesn’t make money on this (I doubt anyone here will), it is by far one of the worse deals I have ever seen. The valuation is completely insane, unless they are able to raise more than a $1.3b dollars (they won’t).

  1. Why Boosteroid is one of the worst ICO’s around:
    This project has literally nothing behind it. No github, nothing.
  2. What they want to achieve is already being done better by other groups, such as Golem cloud computing who have already made far more progress and have a better development team in literally every single way possible.
  3. The price valuation makes it a top crypto by market capitalisation, despite it having absolutely nothing going for it

    Boosteroid Price Valuation

  • Boosteroid:

    Total Supply = 1,000,000,000 BTR
    Price = $1.39
    – A whitepaper, if you can call it that.
    – Nothing

  • NXT:

    Total Supply = 998,999,942 NXT
    Price = $0.07
    – Been around since 2013
    – Full featured desktop wallet and web client
    – Allows users to issue own currency
    – Personal and Enterprise Cloud Storage
    – Strong Dev Team

4) How and where are you going to dump it? When there is no mention/estimate of an exchange listing.

5) The whitepaper: “Total amount of attracted investments – $ 1,359,000,000”
These clowns actually think they’re going to raise $1.35b dollars.

6) Undeserved Hype From Bounties: This is being overly hyped by people being paid through Boosteroids Bounty Program (Affiliate payment scheme/pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme):

Usually I would not disapprove of a bounty, in this case however it is especially concerning given the unrealistic goals of this cryptocurrency.

Seems to have come straight out of 10 years at university and straight into Boosteroid. With no actual prior experience acting as a CEO or in business.

8) Ivan Sorbat – The CTO (Chief Technology Officer):
Appears to basically be an IT admin person who worked in web development at some point.

9) The Rest of The Misfits:

  • Blockchain “specialist” – Only has 5 years worth of academic experience in information systems and security. He has less than one years worth of experience as a stint as “cryptographer”.
  • Cengiz Kaptan – An “advisor” from Turkey, who has no LinkedIn profile so they linked to his Facebook profile.
  • Dejan Puzic – Another esteemed “advisor”, this time from Belgrade. He lists himself as a general manager of a systems integration company.

basically an IT admin person with a bit of web development at some point.

Here is another great article about whether the Boosteroid ICO is a scam, written by someone with more knowledge on datacenter operations than me.


  1. The author of the review may have read “the worst whitepaper” not really carefully as it is not actually possible to compare Boosteroid project and Golem. Unlike Boosteroid, Golem does not have its own computing facilities. Accordingly, Golem cannot offer computing power rental price lower that market leaders provide.
    Boosteroid is already building its own computing facilities. And again, according to the “worst whitepaper”, the project will be implemented regardless of the ICO results. Computing facilities with a power of 0.5 petaflops already started operating in June, 2017.
    So the odds are not in your favour, Stevie.

    • You could not be more wrong. I have capitalised why below.

      You have clearly not even read Golem’s homepage. I suggest you do so since you obviously work with Boosteroid (I can see your comment history).

      “Golem is a global, open sourced, decentralised supercomputer that ANYONE can access. It’s made up of the combined power of user’s machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters. Anyone will be able to use Golem to compute any program you can think of, from rendering to research to running websites, in a completely decentralised & INEXPENSIVE way.The Golem Network is a decentralised sharing economy of computing power, where ANYONE can make money ‘RENTING’ out their COMPUTING POWER or developing & selling software.”

      Nothing in the Boosteroid “whitepaper” can be taken seriously. That whitepaper is the least credible source of information for this project that I can think of. Just because their “team” say they have or will have something, or that they will be able to compete on price does not make it even remotely true.


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