Ethereum Classic Emerald Wallet Update

The much anticipated release of the Ethereum Classic “Emerald” wallet has finally arrived. 

ETC Emerald Wallet Beta

The update will make ETC an even more attractive option for ICO’s, especially given its more decentralised nature and lower price.

The release follows talk on the ETC slack channel regarding some potential ICO’s that could soon become a reality on the ETC network. 

What is new with Ethereum Classic?

  1. Rust for Connector layer. Very lightweight and embeddable
  2. React + Redux for Javascript UI
  3. Material UI as base style
  4. ES6 with Babel and Webpack
  5. Electron to bundle it as a desktop app, see: and

What The Ethereum Classic Update is Going To Provide

  1. React UI components as separate library, to build your own Dapp or even wallet
  2. Javascript library for general use of Ethereum Classic, access APIs, common utilities, etc
  3. A library to integrate connector into other apps, native to Rust language, or through FFI into languages such as Go, Python and others
  4. Command line utility usable for server scripting (allow to sign transactions, read balance, including tokens, contracts, etc)
  5. Set of graphical components and Style Guide (fonts, colors, icons)