What are the Ardor and NXT Platforms?

The NXT Platform:

The NXT project was launched in 2013. It doesn’t require mining and it was designed to provide a basis for other applications. It is able to host a range of financial services, asset exchanges, marketplaces and even has the ability to issue new currencies without the need for writing code.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“There are heaps of other ICO’s or blockchain projects doing that stuff already”


Cryptocurrency/ICO teams are simply saying anything to flog what ever sh*t-coin it is that they’re peddling today. The NXT team however, already have a platform that hosts financial services, asset exchanges, a marketplace and now has the ability to issue new currencies without the need for writing code. The possible implications of this are endless.


I made my own cryptocurrency today (“SnookCoin”) using the NXT client, and anyone can buy it through the NXT asset exchange platform. The NXT app for Windows and Mac OS X is incredibly cool! There is nothing else like it out there at the moment, you have to try it.

Ardor – NXT 2.0:

Ardor is developed by the same team behind NXT. It is basically NXT 2.0, a newer and improved, more scalable, faster and more feature rich version. It has been in its infancy since 2017 in what devs call a “testnet” phase (basically an alpha to early beta stage). The project is due to be completed in the coming months (Q4 of 2017). The NXT Platform is currently hosting an ICO for IGNIS as well as a distribution of Jerulda tokens, following the update these assets will likely be migrated to the ardor chain.

Ardor Platform NXT

Why Haven’t You Heard Much About This Project?

If you haven’t heard much about these projects, its because the team intentionally kept hype to a minimum. The developers behind NXT/Ardor don’t like hype or marketing. They don’t want the unnecessary volatility that causes doubt and uncertainty surrounding a project that is by far one of the most promising projects around.

Why Ardor and NXT are Heading For Long and Short Term Growth + Success:

I have been a bit skeptical lately of cryptocurrency’s long term success, especially given the banks HyperLedger Program which is far better system than that of Ripple’s (XRP) or Litecoin for example. However, the banks implementation of blockchain technology in the form of HyperLedger will be second to that of the Ardor Platform. It is already far more advanced and feature rich, it is seemingly far ahead of HyperLedgers progress and is leaving it for dead, hopefully.

The Ardor + NXT Platform has also solved the problem of “blockchain bloat”:

The need to store every transaction that has ever occurred. The ardor platform will be able to run child chains that do not need to store the full blockchain. These child chains will be able automatically trade with each other.


nxt foundation ardor platform roadmap

Ardor Blockchain Comparison


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